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Satellite TV comes into your home from satellites circling the earth in space. As a result, satellite TV is available everywhere including rural and remote areas, and the biggest providers in the country are Dish and DirecTV.

DirecTV offers a wide range of packages with unique lineups. Generally, the more expensive the package, the more channels you get. Regardless of the satellite TV package you choose, you can add extra channels including HBO, Cinemax, ShowTime, and Starz.

DirecTV Offers

DirecTV offers satellite TV packages starting at $50, and the top packages start at just $125. Best of all, prices are locked in for 12 months, with a 24-month contract.

DirecTV Package Details

DirecTV has the following packages at the following great prices:

Extra Features With DirecTV

Sports lovers love DirecTV’s NFL SUNDAY TICKET. Often offered for a free trial period when you sign-up for many packages, this add-on feature is exclusive to DirecTV, and viewers pay an annual fee to access the service.

The NFL SUNDAY TICKET is a must-have for die hard football fans who don’t want to miss a game. As an added bonus, if you get the Genie DVR with your DirecTV cable package, you can check the stats of your favorite teams, pause and rewind live TV, and use the split screen to watch two shows at once.

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Dish Satellite Offers

DISH also offers a host of different satellite TV packages, and you can easily add on premium channels or sports features. Unique other providers, DISH doesn’t charge extra for the basics. You can enjoy your favorite programs and your local news hour on the networks such as ABC, CBS, and ABC without facing extra fees or charges.


Dish Satellite Package Details

DISH satellite TV packages start at just $39.99 per month, with a 2 year commitment.

Extra Features With DISH

Regardless of the package you select, you can add lots of features. DISH offers three different DVRs so you never have to miss your favorite show. Add the Hopper for $15, or get the Joey for $7 or the Super Joey for $10.

The company’s best DVR, the Hopper stores up to 2TB of information, letting you record 500 hours of high-def TV or 2,000 hour of standard-def TVs. The DVR supports 4K TV and lets you watch up to 4 shows at once and record up to 19 shows at the same time. You never again have to worry about when your favorite shows are on. In addition, the Hopper includes bluetooth integration (great for speakers or headphones) and a feature to help find lost remote controls.


If you like streaming, the Hopper comes with Netflix pre-installed. You have to subscribe to Netflix separately, but your favorite Netflix shows will show up in the searches along with your DISH satellite TV shows.

If you’re a sports fan, DISH doesn’t offer the SUNDAY TICKET, but this company offers “season passes” to professional games as well as access to the best cable stations for sports coverage.

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The Decision: DirecTV Vs DISH


Both DirecTV and DISH offer great deals, but ultimately, every consumer needs to choose between these two services. To decide which satellite TV provider is right for you, start by looking at the packages and prices. Does the company offer the channels you want? Does DirecTV or DISH cost less?

Then, consider the length of the contract. Some companies require you to sign a two year contract to access certain deals, while other companies let you cancel your service whenever you want. If you opt for a contract, you may want to look for a contract that allows you to take “vacations” (aka shut off the service for a few months without breaking the contract).

If you also plan to get internet or phone service, check out which companies offer discounts for bundling. That can help save you money on your monthly bill. Finally, look at the features on the DVR’s from each company to figure out what matches your lifestyle better.


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